Following the gypsy folklore the Dhampires are not just fictional characters in horror movies or literature. They are also called "DAYWALKERS". One of the most popular beliefs about the dhampir is that they are born with an immunity to sunlight, which according to vampire lore, is fatal to most of their species.

Vampires' sexual desire for female women was never just a thing of fan-fiction and Hollywood. Western Europe produced sensual stories of vampires, along with the horrific. The Dhampir is a son of a vampire father and human mother.

He has all the strengths, but none of the weaknesses of his father.

Dhampir is a very sensual, yet scary creature of the Darkness that can also roam in the light. Normally, he has long black hair and a magnetic look, ready to hypnotize all the ladies ;)

Do you feel like wandering the country side with Dhampir in your renders?

Included in this package you will find:

- INJ Dhampir
- REM Dhampir
- INJ Genitals
- REM Genitals
- MAT Normal
- MAT Veins
- MAT Genitals
- MAT GEnitals with Veins
- Eye Normal
- Eye with Blood
- 7 faces ( 1 normal, 5 with blood, 1 burned with cross)
- 1 Face with Veins
- 1 Mouth Normal
- 1 Mouth with Blood


- 2 different nose rings (SMART PROPS)

- 1 belly ring (SMART PROP)


- 10 facial expressions and the zeroed face