Shin Sakai for P8 Ryan


Shin Sakai is a unique stylised character who comes with not one but two textures - a stylised version, coloured to match Terai Yuki's default texture, and a realistic skin based on photographs with or without facial hair. Featuring:
  • Unique head morph for stylised look
  • Complete stylised texture to match Terai Yuki's default texture, including six eyes and matching genitals
  • Complete realistic texture with bmp and specularity maps, including versions with and without facial hair. The realistic texture set includes seven eyes and matching genitals
  • Poser shaders to bring out the best in him!
  • Textures can be applied either through MAT poses or material collections, both supplied
  • Eye/lash textures are 2048x2048
  • Body textures are 3000x3000
  • Head textures are 4000x4000
  • Tooth texture is 2048x2048
  • Genital texture is 2048x2048
  • The premade character is supplied with pose and material files for Poser 8, which you'll have if you've got Ryan. They will work in Poser 5 or higher, but if you own DAZ Studio or a lower version of Poser and want to use Ryan in those, you can still use the textures but will need to apply them yourself.
  • The eyes include raytraced reflections, so for best results ensure raytracing is turned on for your render.
  • The hair, second skin shorts, and Terai Yuki character are not included. The boxer shorts are from Ryan's Instant Wardrobe, and the Terai Yuki character is Hitomi, both available from cyllan at Content Paradise.