Poser and Intermediate Rigging; Creating The Holding Tank


This video tutorial goes over the essentials needed in creating and rigging a prop, into a figure...for use in Poser.

During the tutorial I discuss and show:
- How to regroup and prep an .obj file for use in Poser
- How to convert a prop into a figure
- How to use and manipulate the Poser Runtime folder structure
- How to use the freeware program PHI Build
- How to edit joint parameters
- How to edit code inside a CR2 file to your advantage
- How to use the Material room and create maps inside of Photoshop
- How to use and manipulate ERC coding on your figure

The best part of this tutorial is that I include all of the project files I used in creating this product, so you can follow along with me!
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Video One: 22 minutes
Max Export
UV Mapper
Runtime Folders
PHI Build
Converting A Prop To A Figure

Video Two: 31 minutes
Joint Editing

Video Three: 40 minutes
CR2 Editing
Photoshop/Material Room

Video Four: 28 minutes
ERC Coding
The Delay Dial